Virtual Team Building Chicago

Virtual Team Building Chicago

Holding physical events is often very attractive for both companies and attendees. However, sometimes the high cost for a company to produce a face-to-face event or the lack of time and the geographical distance of potential guests reduce the chances of success of an event.

In an effort to lower (or in some cases even eliminate) the requirement of physically moving from one location to another and the economic impact this has on attendees, many companies have begun to prefer virtual events over physical ones.

In this case, virtuality is a great solution.

This type of digital event transfers the celebration of the event to the screen of any device with an internet connection: mobile, iPad, computer, or any other smart device. The advantages of using a cross-platform tool that you can use from any device make your virtual events accessible to more people and at the same time allow for an immersive experience from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Some examples of content that virtual events can contain:

  • Conferences and live presentations via streaming.
  • Real-time question-and-answer sessions with speakers.
  • Interactive round tables.
  • Training workshops.
  • Mechanisms for interaction between guests.
  • Exhibition area and stand visits.
  • Viewing of audiovisual materials.

Taking advantage of the inherent advantages of the online medium, virtual events allow event organisers to maintain control of the event not only during the event but also before and after the event.

It is essential to have properly trained staff to know precisely the level of reception that an invitation is having among the invited users or to obtain the exact number of people registered for the event. This is why hiring an agency specializing in designing virtual events in Toronto's team-building dynamics is necessary.

Likewise, the platforms that eNubes develops ad hoc for its clients' virtual events can incorporate an Administration Area from which to obtain relevant data on user behaviour, such as the number of accesses, browsing time, or the number of unique users; data of great importance for measuring the success of the event.

The two types of events we specialise in at Slixer are team-building events and entertainment events.

Many of the team buildings we offer at Slixer can be done online. Today's companies are committed to dynamics where participants can get to know each other better in a relaxed way and can work on team spirit.

On the other hand, our online entertainment events have a versatility that is hard to find elsewhere. Any type of entertainer can perform in virtually any virtual event environment, so if you are looking for murder mystery entertainers in Toronto, we are the ones to help you. 

Our clients regularly host virtual murder mystery parties, so our team has extensive experience in this type of event.

If you want to know more about what we can do for you when it comes to organising murder mysteries events in-person or remote, you can reach out to us!

Contact us to plan a virtual team-building game for your organisation:  

Virtual Team Building Chicago
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Virtual Team Building Chicago
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